23 Ekim 2020 Cuma

An exemplary behavior from the 11th tourism competition

In the Tourism Competition, the award given to the caricature of Akbar Torabpour from Iran who sent the work to the competition was canceled...

**(11.Turizm yarışmasından örnek bir davranış.. Turizm Yarışmasında Irandan yarışmaya eser gönderen Akbar Torabpour'un karikatürüne verilen ödül iptal edildi...

16 Ekim 2020 Cuma

Musk / Boris Erenburg

Dear colleagues, I have been a participant in Biennal de Humor Penela in Portugal for many years. This is a stable event that holds well and publish consistently a respectable catalog. 
We are all witnesses to the fact that in the world of cartoons today there is a struggle against the phenomenon of plagiarism and similarities, so clever organizers (Osten, Olive etc') of competitions try to prevent unwanted events. Anyone involved in our field knows of a plagiarism case of one of my works in the early 2000s. It's a very famous story. Those who do not remember I mention (see attachments). This my cartoon that was created in 1985, was published more than 30 times all over the world and exhibited at Tolentino, Marostica (Italy), Zielona Gora (Poland), Odessa, Riga (USSR), Amstelveen (Netherlands), Montreal (Canada) etc' and became my "visit card"… Those who do not remember I mention (see attachments).
For your attention: the cover of the new catalog of Penela-20, I discover a version of the same cartoon gag of mine, which has just been converted from the field of theater to the field of medicine. 
I wrote to my friend Osvaldo Macedo de Sousa but got no answer. I at least expected an apology...
Boris Erenburg